The City Of Lawndale .! ^_^

Student Blogging Challenge Week 3

In Lawndale you could find a lot of things, such as a library. Our community has a very big and nice library. Trust me you will really like it. You could find anything in the library. There are even computers for kids and parents. There are good schools in Lawndale. I like the schools because there are lots of fun activities, such as there field trips.  Lawndale even has a Farmers Market. If you don’t know what a farmers Market is well it’s a place where there is a lot of fruits and vegetables. You don’t really see a lot of police cars coming by. I don’t think this is a bad community, I think its better than other communities.

2 thoughts on “The City Of Lawndale .! ^_^

  1. Mona,
    What are some of the field trips you have been on? You might want to write a post about them so other students can read what happened and what you learned.

    • I would, but our class has not gone to a field trip yet. We are going on April 16th, but I will put it up soon. Well hopefully I will.

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